new pictures

I can't promise to ever update this again, because it seems to just not be in the cards.

But there are new pictures up on Flickr. Like 50 of them.


The More You Know

Life Lesson Number 124:
When trying to illegally download Marvin Gaye songs, do not accidentally type in Marvine Gaye.

That, apparently, is what they're expecting you to do.

You will get the following search results: (all [sic])

Marvine Gaye - I Heard It Through the Grapvine
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bear cuddles with cute twink
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CLIP * up your arse sc2
Marvine Gaye - I Heard it Through the Grapvine

If there's one thing to be learned from this, and I'd say there's more than one, it's that gay people are pathologically unable to use commas. And if that isn't proof that they are living in sin, then what is?

What is, America?

PS: It should be noted that accidentally stumbling upon straight porn reveals far, far worse. At least there was no anal rape of gangrenous Asian grandmothers to be found above.


The Great Wall of Tuna

Stack of Tuna
Originally uploaded by touchofgroove.
Some line their shelves with bottles of vodka as trophies, but that's childs play, comparatively.

This is what happens when you combine two things every Jew should love: tuna fish and a huge sale.

I doubt I'm the best at any one thing among BU students, but at least I have the most canned fish to open and stink up the common room with.



The 4 readers of this blog might have noticed that I totally deserted it. I was on vacation then busy, but hopefully I'll get back in the groove. Or at least more of one.

In the meantime, I demand that everyone listen to Sheila and I on the radio from 2-4pm on Wednesdays starting this weekend. You can listen here when the time comes. The webcast will be on the upper right and all our archives will be where it says that there are no shows archived.

The show covers 1929-1979, so if you can't find something you like while listening, you're nuts. For the most part, the show will be classic rock, soul/funk, and jazz, but other genres will sneak in whenever the hell we feel like it.

Rebels without a cause.


More Fun With Grammar

So it's rare that I get a popup, but I'm glad I got this one:

Perverted Grannies - explicit PICS then you can ever Imagine !

I decided not to link to it, if you're interested then you can Google it.


Top Ten Most Exciting Things to Happen To Me In the Past 3-4 Weeks

10. Got invited to my brothers' poker game. This is significant because I can generally measure my quality of life by the number of miles between me and them, and because I didn't even go. Captivating.

9. Realized I've consumed over over 50 cans of tuna this summer. If by some chance my brain wasn't finished developing, it is now.

8. I changed the difficulty level on my soccer game from 4 to 5 stars. Hours of entertainment. And by hours, I mean weeks.

7. I went to the mall for no reason, and since I had my camera, took some pictures. Then deleted the pictures for the security guard, because photographing has joined enjoying and surprising on the Banned Verbs of Cortlandt Manor List. Or because of terrorism.

6. Started reading Death in Venice, read 20 pages, and lost it.

5. Almost lost Hamlet, before running back into Blockbuster shouting Hamlet. Why shouting? Because it was so exciting.

4. Slept til 4:45PM. Twice.

3. The second time I did that.


There's No Thinking In Baseball

I stopped watching the Mets consistently a few years ago when they started to lose in even more inventive and unusual ways than they had before. Tonight they happened to be in extra innings when I walked by.

For the uneducated, extra innings are when the two teams are tied at the end of 9 innings, and the game goes on until someone wins. I know a lot of girls read this. The past two sentences are unrelated points.

This is a pressure situation, and the announcers are looking for new and interesting ways to get this point across, because when you're not one of the announcers famous for a repetitive catchphrase, (Yes!) you have to languish in novelty. What new way of describing the players' nervousness do the Mets announcers come up with.

"His nervous system is really active right now."

And the moral of the story is that there is some real world application to everything you learned in High School. It makes sure you never go on national television and say something like that. Say something like that four times in the space of two minutes. When you improvise biology, you come up with brilliant principles like: The nervous system makes you nervous. Jelly is also extracted from the various flavors of jellyfish. (Jam, meanwhile, comes from Phish. The wit. The wit!)

Of course, the Mets announcers are still better than their Yankee counterparts, who have the expertise and comprehensibility of Kalahari Bushman sorority girls.